What Lies Ahead for the Workforce of the Future?


What Lies Ahead for the Workforce of the Future?


The Baby Boomers will work longer due to the fact that their retirement funds have dwindled


An older workforce will bring on additional health care benefits challenges


Skill transference between older and younger generations


HR professionals finding it difficult to find talent with the right skill sets


Training and Development will become a stronger force within the workplace


The constant need to Reskill and Retool workers, and develop continual learning paths


Wellness programs will have broader appeal in the workforce due to rising healthcare costs and insurance premiums.


Coaching will be prominent in the workplace


Employment Law and Compliance issues will continue to plague companies due to the vast amount of different laws and regulations from state to state, county, city and federal.


Employees fear Job Security, downsizing, and redundancy in the workplace.


HR wonders how to reward the best employees while motivating the others


Create a corporate culture that is attractive to the talent the company is recruiting


Performance management and growth in the organization. The Naked Organization. Employees are asking and demanding transparency


Connectivity between remote workers, flex-time workers, and full-time employees


More workers will work remotely


More part-time, independent contractors and flex-time workers will make up the workforce due to the new healthcare laws


Workers will require flexible schedules due to caring for parents, and family


Workforce on demand-Companies will hire workers as needed on a per-project basis


Workers will no longer become specialists as they will need to learn skills that will allow them to function in an ever-changing workplace.


Continuing education will be a must in the future; learning new skills, and gaining knowledge through internships, non-profits, and per project basis


Coding will become easier and easier. Coding will become one of the essential curriculum subjects in the schools


Creative Compensation packages will become the norm


Customized mobile apps for your business


Paperless offices


Job boards will be a declining trend, and more recruiting will be done on social media


Video resumes will be the future


Video job descriptions, and videos of company culture-Facetime and Skype, Uberconference, and GoToMeeting interviews will be the norm


Lifestyle enhancement training will become a part of the workforce; training such as finances 101, saving for retirement, wellness, how and what insurance you need and why, how to organize your life.


Child care centers within the office

These are just a few of the trends I see coming down the yellow brick road of the future. I will continue to add new trends and forecasts as I see them. I write about trends and forecasts as a way TO THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT YOUR CAREER! Let me know about any trends you foresee. Together we can be prepared.

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