What is it that makes us so scared to design a career we love?

Sometimes I think it stems from the fact that as a midlifer we feel maybe our time is over. It is time to step down.

Forget it I say! I say… YES! I CAN!! I can design a career I love and I am doing it.

Career Signatures was born from the idea of helping all of us midlifers find the careers we dream of now, right now.

We can do this. We just have to work together that is all.

So, this site is about building teams of like-minded individuals to build a movement, a community around midlifers and more specifically midlifers designing, building and sharing the careers they long for, they love, and the steps to get there. I will share success stories, as well as, those stores that could have found a better way.

This site is based on solutions. I like to find solutions.

When I was looking for work and was having a hard time of it, okay I am 56, I just couldn’t get a job. I applied through all of the ATS systems (I am sure they are demons), called HR, and delivered resumes. But unfortunately, I got nowhere. So I started to redesign myself, redesign my career, learn what was meaningful to me and what my values were, and started to gain the credentials and schooling in order to help others to navigate the career jungles.  Now I begin this blog/website. I have dreams for us all and as we grow together I will share them. So for now. Dream…Dream big and call me let’s work together.  XO

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