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Welcome…Together you and I are going to be explorers in Career Signatures. We are going to look at branding, merchandising, marketing, social media, PR, and blogs as a way and a means to find our ultimate career signature.

First, we’ll explore ourselves with some interesting coaching exercises, those will be interspersed within the blog as I make them up from my coaching experiences or find interesting ones or post some you might suggest. We will design ourselves, and our perfect pathway to our perfect Career Signature.

Next, we will take a look at what’s cool out there…a sort of inspiration portal.

Then we will work on our resumes, and cover letters, our storylines, and portfolios…across all of the business frontiers…remember we are explorers and we are creating the 21st century’s career signature-you and me.

So join me won’t you.

Let’s create our career signature together

The Map…

Explore…ourselves, our wants, our desires our feelings…It is an introduction to finding out what matters…truly matters in feeling, qualities, and motives…

Inquire….questionnaires, maps, questioning ourselves……

Define…pulling it together.

Design…this is where we take what we have learned and make the map, design the plan, and create the pathway to our Career Signature.

Action: resumes, cover letters, portfolios, online, social media, PR, and all of the creative ways that we can share our Career Signature.

Refine: refining our Career Signature. consultations, sharing….

Testimonials…sharing our Career Signatures, inspirations, what we learned, and what we are doing now.

New terrain…What we will explore next.

All I need you to do is read and let me know of any other topics I need to cover that will be of service to you, to me, to us all.

Till then

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