About Me


This is a letter of sorts. I just wanted to let you know why I started this website.

In November of 2017, I found myself without a job because the company I was working for downsized. It was right before the Holidays and of course, I just froze. I did not realize how much of my heart and soul was tied to my work. Nor did I have any idea how much of my identity was tied to my job either. But it was, all of it.

At first, I just pulled up my big girl panties and started looking for work. The same old way we all do. I applied to the evil ATS systems. Each one a bigger pain in the butt then the next. Writing clever cover letters, sending resumes upon resumes and the only thing any of that effort brought me were tears and of course incredible Low self esteem.

Next, I tried the networking route, but the more I said I was looking for work, or “Hey do you need anyone?” the worse I felt. Then I tried the staffing agencies. That was a complete waste of time. I felt as if I were a piranha. It is ugly out there when you are in your 50″s and I am.

They say there is no age discrimination, but let me tell you that is a lie.

But again, not willing to live in the muck I kept trying.

My next career idea had me trying out assessments and working on designing my career instead of hunting for a job.

I really dug through the caverns of my mind and things I was passionate about.

It had to be a mix of sharing ideas, and being of service as well as design and design thinking. I am a creative, an idea person, and I believe in finding ways to navigate horizons, giving a helping hand to those in transition just as I have been, and being there.

I put together my career brand, worked on my collateral, designed my life and got to work making it become a reality. Of course, it is still a work in progress, but that is the fun part.

So with that, the first thing I started to do was work toward getting my teacher certificates to teach as a temporary teacher. I got my certificates and was quickly hired by an incredibly forward-thinking and caring principal. I am getting my masters in counseling and cognitive behavior therapy, as well as, helping others through transitions in careers, especially those 50+. I am a credentialed Career Facilitator/Coach, and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. I have worked in sales and marketing for most of my career and I am marrying them all on this website.

So join me…let’s live “Life By Your Own Design”…Join me here.