The Future of the Workplace


Comments and Questions:

Interesting comment on how to track what cities will be popular in the future is to track the number of flights going to a destination.

How can the cities losing population get it back?

How can we broaden our perceptions and beliefs?

How are companies preparing workers for the innovation that is down the pike?

How many employees will be displaced and what new opportunities could people be re-skilled for?

What can you do today to learn a new skill? Broaden your beliefs? Become more innovative and entrepreneurial?

Think of some ideas and share them please.






LinkedIn Tutorial-Quickstart

A LinkedIn Tutorial to get you set up if you have not already set up your profile. I highly recommend this platform. We will delve into this platform in depth for I feel it is the most useful for finding work and making connections.

What will future jobs look like? | Andrew McAfee

Watch this YouTube Video-A TED TALK by Andrew McAfee.


Quick comments:

What do you think about The Machine age?

Can we change our minds and instead of creating Dystopian worlds, or can we all think of a world of Abundance?

What are some ways we can Educate Bills? What about utilizing the Free Education sources or MOOCS?

What are the three skills we need?


Entrepreneurship-Think like an entrepreneur, or become one.

Double down on infrastructure-your own and our countries.

Learn the appropriate skills to get you there.

How are you going to get there?

How are you going to stay engaged, and stay engaged for the long run?

What can you do today?


Solopreneurs-Single person businesses


Tired of the 9am to 5pm, or is it more like 8am to 9pm?

Tired of worrying if you have a job next year or next week?

Scared of the economy tanking again?

Want to see your family?

Want to have a child?

Want to travel?

These are many of the reasons people are turning to the gig economy, freelance nation, solopreneurs.

Well, you have come to the right place. We will be looking at solopreneurism in-depth and often. We will be working on lists of companies to start, companies that are hiring, and all sorts of information that can be of service to you as you explore what it means to be a solopreneur.

Stop back soon, stop back often. Till then…

Rapid Transformation Therapy-How to Ask for Money, or a Livable Salary

So many people have such a hard time around money. There are also so many misfired beliefs around money. Rapid Transformation Therapy is a wonderful way to fire limiting beliefs.

Here are some of the beliefs I have come across. Inside I do not feel good enough to charge high prices or ask for a higher salary. It is not familiar to have money. I can get money but I can’t keep it. There is never enough money.

Now the first thing I want you to do is to exchange the word for money to energy.

So now let’s look to some of the beliefs we have just written about.

Inside I do not feel good enough to have energy. It is not familiar to have energy. I can get energy but I can’t keep it.

Now doesn’t that seem silly? It does not make sense now, does it?

Nature is balanced. To give and receive is a balance. You must value what you do, you must realize and keep attuned to how you use the word money and transpose it to energy. Remeber energy is money. That is your first lesson in Transformational therapy.

So your homework today is to remember that money is energy. Every time you talk about money transpose money for the word energy. Remeber that money is energy and you always have energy, and you can give and take energy easily. Comment and let me know what happens as you transpose the word energy for money.

Also, keep track of what you say around money. Do you spend it to get rid of it and nothing comes back, or do you sock it away for a rainy day? What are your familiar patterns and beliefs? Keep track of those till next time.

Did you know…Lottery winners that have not had money in their lives tend to spend it all and have nothing left and end up back at the job they had before they won the lottery. It is all beliefs. So watch your beliefs…what do they say about your relationship with money?


Get your Career Signature

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Get your Career Signature

Career  Signature Manifesto

1. Communicate who you are in everything you do, your look, the way you live, and what you say.

2. Your Signature is you.

3,. Your Signature matters.

4.  Accentuate the positive.

5.  We are each unique and multifaceted.

6. Pay attention to your details, and what attracts you.

7. Creating your Career Signature will not only transform your outside you it will transform your inside you.

8. Go ahead do it ….change!

9.  Your Career Signature is not dependant on anything but your creativity, and your inner compass.

10. Do it right the first time. Saving a dime now costs a dollar later…

11. Do your best every day.

12. Compare and Contrast makes the story interesting

Feel free to email me if you would like your  custom Career Signature.



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Welcome…Together you and I are going to be explorers in Career Signatures. We are going to look at branding, merchandising, marketing, social media, PR, and blogs as a way and a means to find our ultimate career signature.

First, we’ll explore ourselves with some interesting coaching exercises, those will be interspersed within the blog as I make them up from my coaching experiences or find interesting ones or post some you might suggest. We will design ourselves, and our perfect pathway to our perfect Career Signature.

Next, we will take a look at what’s cool out there…a sort of inspiration portal.

Then we will work on our resumes, and cover letters, our storylines, and portfolios…across all of the business frontiers…remember we are explorers and we are creating the 21st century’s career signature-you and me.

So join me won’t you.

Let’s create our career signature together

The Map…

Explore…ourselves, our wants, our desires our feelings…It is an introduction to finding out what matters…truly matters in feeling, qualities, and motives…

Inquire….questionnaires, maps, questioning ourselves……

Define…pulling it together.

Design…this is where we take what we have learned and make the map, design the plan, and create the pathway to our Career Signature.

Action: resumes, cover letters, portfolios, online, social media, PR, and all of the creative ways that we can share our Career Signature.

Refine: refining our Career Signature. consultations, sharing….

Testimonials…sharing our Career Signatures, inspirations, what we learned, and what we are doing now.

New terrain…What we will explore next.

All I need you to do is read and let me know of any other topics I need to cover that will be of service to you, to me, to us all.

Till then

Why I Hate Being a Soloprenuer Okay, I love it, but there’s a downside.

Why I Hate Being a Soloprenuer

Okay, I love it, but there’s a downside.

A few months ago, I wrote 5 Reasons Being a Solopreneur is Great. I still love working for myself, but sometimes I get a bit cranky. Like today. I’m on vacation and I checked my Twitter feed only to discover that I had run out of scheduled posts. Gah. Since I’m on vacation, this is the type of thing you’d send a quick text back to someone in the office and say, “Hey, I forgot to update Twitter. Can you do that for me?” and then go back to sipping cool drinks, but as a solopreneur, there is no one in the office.

Here are 5 reasons I hate being a solopreneur.

1. There’s nobody back at the office to do things for me.

No admin, no coworker, and no boss. It’s me. Granted, I can hire a contractor (which I do for things like fixing my website), but that comes straight out of my pocket.

2. Idea bouncing? Not as easy. 

Sure, I have friends and colleagues in the same business I’m in. I can email them or call them for help, but it’s different than having someone sitting next to you. A colleague at the same company who you bounce ideas off is working towards the same goal–the company’s success. When you work by yourself, everyone you bounce ideas off is doing you a favor. Frankly, I’m grateful for my friends and colleagues, but it would be nice to have a coworker or two.

3. Invoicing is my responsibility.

That should be a sufficient explanation to make you shudder. The other thing that’s my responsibility is following up with clients who don’t pay promptly. I have one client who has owed me $50 for over a year. It’s not worth the money to hire a lawyer to chase her down, but it annoys me that she took advantage of me.

4. Good and bad decisions are my fault. 

Sometimes it would be awesome to say, “Well, that was Jane’s idea. I told her it was a bad one, but she insisted!” Nope. If there’s a screw up, it’s my screw up. I’m a big girl and can take the heat when I’ve earned it, but by golly, sometimes it would be nice to blame someone else.

5. Irregular income.

Now, granted, I’m lucky enough to have a husband with a corporate job, so we have a guaranteed minimum income every month from his job, but if I was the sole breadwinner in the family, the fluctuating income would be even more annoying. Some months are awesome, others are not so great. And while it’s great to be able to take time off whenever I want to, I do so without a paycheck, unless I’m willing to work on my time off. (Which I do, from time to time–see above.) Would be nice to have paid vacation days.

Overall, though, I do love being my own boss, but not everything about it is sunshine and roses.

COMMENT: Everything has two sides. I found this and saw the truth in it and just wanted to share the article. 


This blog was reposted from INC Magazine

What is it that makes us so scared to design a career we love?

Sometimes I think it stems from the fact that as a midlifer we feel maybe our time is over. It is time to step down.

Forget it I say! I say… YES! I CAN!! I can design a career I love and I am doing it.

Career Signatures was born from the idea of helping all of us midlifers find the careers we dream of now, right now.

We can do this. We just have to work together that is all.

So, this site is about building teams of like-minded individuals to build a movement, a community around midlifers and more specifically midlifers designing, building and sharing the careers they long for, they love, and the steps to get there. I will share success stories, as well as, those stores that could have found a better way.

This site is based on solutions. I like to find solutions.

When I was looking for work and was having a hard time of it, okay I am 56, I just couldn’t get a job. I applied through all of the ATS systems (I am sure they are demons), called HR, and delivered resumes. But unfortunately, I got nowhere. So I started to redesign myself, redesign my career, learn what was meaningful to me and what my values were, and started to gain the credentials and schooling in order to help others to navigate the career jungles.  Now I begin this blog/website. I have dreams for us all and as we grow together I will share them. So for now. Dream…Dream big and call me let’s work together.  XO

What Lies Ahead for the Workforce of the Future?


What Lies Ahead for the Workforce of the Future?


The Baby Boomers will work longer due to the fact that their retirement funds have dwindled


An older workforce will bring on additional health care benefits challenges


Skill transference between older and younger generations


HR professionals finding it difficult to find talent with the right skill sets


Training and Development will become a stronger force within the workplace


The constant need to Reskill and Retool workers, and develop continual learning paths


Wellness programs will have broader appeal in the workforce due to rising healthcare costs and insurance premiums.


Coaching will be prominent in the workplace


Employment Law and Compliance issues will continue to plague companies due to the vast amount of different laws and regulations from state to state, county, city and federal.


Employees fear Job Security, downsizing, and redundancy in the workplace.


HR wonders how to reward the best employees while motivating the others


Create a corporate culture that is attractive to the talent the company is recruiting


Performance management and growth in the organization. The Naked Organization. Employees are asking and demanding transparency


Connectivity between remote workers, flex-time workers, and full-time employees


More workers will work remotely


More part-time, independent contractors and flex-time workers will make up the workforce due to the new healthcare laws


Workers will require flexible schedules due to caring for parents, and family


Workforce on demand-Companies will hire workers as needed on a per-project basis


Workers will no longer become specialists as they will need to learn skills that will allow them to function in an ever-changing workplace.


Continuing education will be a must in the future; learning new skills, and gaining knowledge through internships, non-profits, and per project basis


Coding will become easier and easier. Coding will become one of the essential curriculum subjects in the schools


Creative Compensation packages will become the norm


Customized mobile apps for your business


Paperless offices


Job boards will be a declining trend, and more recruiting will be done on social media


Video resumes will be the future


Video job descriptions, and videos of company culture-Facetime and Skype, Uberconference, and GoToMeeting interviews will be the norm


Lifestyle enhancement training will become a part of the workforce; training such as finances 101, saving for retirement, wellness, how and what insurance you need and why, how to organize your life.


Child care centers within the office

These are just a few of the trends I see coming down the yellow brick road of the future. I will continue to add new trends and forecasts as I see them. I write about trends and forecasts as a way TO THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT YOUR CAREER! Let me know about any trends you foresee. Together we can be prepared.