Rapid Transformation Therapy-How to Ask for Money, or a Livable Salary

So many people have such a hard time around money. There are also so many misfired beliefs around money. Rapid Transformation Therapy is a wonderful way to fire limiting beliefs.

Here are some of the beliefs I have come across. Inside I do not feel good enough to charge high prices or ask for a higher salary. It is not familiar to have money. I can get money but I can’t keep it. There is never enough money.

Now the first thing I want you to do is to exchange the word for money to energy.

So now let’s look to some of the beliefs we have just written about.

Inside I do not feel good enough to have energy. It is not familiar to have energy. I can get energy but I can’t keep it.

Now doesn’t that seem silly? It does not make sense now, does it?

Nature is balanced. To give and receive is a balance. You must value what you do, you must realize and keep attuned to how you use the word money and transpose it to energy. Remeber energy is money. That is your first lesson in Transformational therapy.

So your homework today is to remember that money is energy. Every time you talk about money transpose money for the word energy. Remeber that money is energy and you always have energy, and you can give and take energy easily. Comment and let me know what happens as you transpose the word energy for money.

Also, keep track of what you say around money. Do you spend it to get rid of it and nothing comes back, or do you sock it away for a rainy day? What are your familiar patterns and beliefs? Keep track of those till next time.

Did you know…Lottery winners that have not had money in their lives tend to spend it all and have nothing left and end up back at the job they had before they won the lottery. It is all beliefs. So watch your beliefs…what do they say about your relationship with money?